Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Memorable Flight back Home

Well I do realize that it has been quite sometime that I have shared anything with all. Maybe because I didn't have anything good to share or maybe I had someone I can share things with or maybe also because it was never very interesting. Whatever be the reason, I have every reason to be here and share something good and exciting with you all. Something which actually happened with me, something so real that I feel special.

So I have been traveling quite a lot back and forth and was never really all excited about the journey because inevitably either I would be dumped beside snoring uncles, loud speaker aunties, crazy nasty kids. So as always I prefer my own company or I rest my eyes. But this time something happened, it maybe small for you but for me something happened and now I believe in miracles again, and I believe that I too am special, no need to be special for others but for myself too. Here I narrate the day.

6th Feb 2016, I am all set to board my flight from Bengaluru Airport. Doing the late EST hour shift, I decided to skip on my sleep and also I was yet to pack for the week. With the sleepy eyes I managed to catch hold of season 4 episode 1 of Walking Dead which did not leave much impression on me. So anyways I was ready and since last night in office people had complimented so much about the newly acquired electric blue jacket, I decided to wear the same for the journey. The journey towards the airport was unimpressive. It was short (for a change) and I reached well before I could have anticipated. This of course was a good thing keeping in mind the long queues we have to stand and wait for the boarding and baggage. But I gave that a miss and went for Self Check in and also helped a couple of the travellers with the same, nothing much to boost about but it always feels nice to help the people around you. While waiting in the self check in queue, I noticed a huge queue of guys running towards boarding and all wearing the same tees. The first thought which came to my mind was that college students maybe going for a match. But then I noticed that many stickers on their baggages claiming - Delhi Dabbangs. So here was my big celebrity moment of getting to see the Pro-kabbadi Team - Delhi Dabbangs. And you know how much I am biased towards the city. At once my heart felt happy but then I thought maybe the guys are travelling home. In my mind I gave them my good wishes, obviously I was ignorant of their disastrous performance this series as I am not a kabbadi fan at all. But somewhere I thought someday I will indeed watch them play. So after finishing the check-in I rushed towards security from the escalator right on the left corner because I knew it is closest for ladies security check. As I rushed (you do know how fast I walk when alone) I noticed from the corner of my eyes that some of the Dabbangs guys were waiting and sitting in the couch and as I ran across them this one particular guy stood up and was staring at me. The stupid that I am, I can never assume that anyone can even bother to notice me, I ran away and made my way towards the security. But I did make a phone call home and let mom know of the celebrities I just passed across.

Since I was way to early, I made my way and sat near the gate from where we were supposed to board the flight. Met a Bengali family as always and helped the realize that boarding is going on for a different flight and ours will be the next one. But not liking the view of the place I was sitting at and moreover with the intention of boarding the flight first, I inevitably changed my seat to something absolutely near. I seriously wanted to be the first to board. Then something happened. I noticed the place I was sitting at and there was the Dabbang guys sitting and chit chatting. I noticed a couple of them and saw a few whom I found attractive. I was still under the impression that they are traveling back home. I noticed people jumping around them, clicking pictures, shaking hands and so on. A celebrity feeling indeed. I felt happy for the boys, life has offered them with an opportunity to enjoy one of the blessings which so many die for. Then I also noticed a guy with moustache being taken around here and there for the pictures. I did feel a little sorry for him, and realized how greedy with people are, trying to rub off the success of others and end up hurting them. Among them I noticed a comparatively good looking guy, smart eyes, strong build and a decent height. He had earphones plugged in and was strolling around. And you know what I thought he looked at me and smiled a couple of times. But as always since I am never sure, I did not return his advances, then was he actually interested in me when I was in Bangalore airport amongst a crowd of good looking females. I obviously thought NOT. So anyways I was glued to my seat looking here and there , checking the people who were taking pictures of the guys and at times I would end up laughing looking at how weird people behaved around them. And you know he caught me laughing once and as if out of habit, smiled right back at me. I could feel the warmth of that smile, but then typical Tripti, it can never be for me so I proactively look around to see if anyone smiled at him. And believe me there was none and so I turned my gaze directly at him and he smiled at me again. Shaking my head I turned towards the clock realizing boarding is already 10 minutes late and these buggers haven't done anything about it. That very minute I realized sleep taking over me and automatically my eyes were shut for a couple of minutes. I realized I am gone and I may end up missing the flight. I fought back the feeling and stood up and called Dad. He suggested I should take a stroll around just to be awake. I called a friend but he was too sleepy to give me a company. So following dad's advise I stood up, kept my bag down and started walking here and there waiting for the boarding to start. And to add to my misery as soon as they announce boarding they also announce that only seats 20-30 should board first. My shit luck, I was in seat 4E. Well the seat too has a story. While doing the self check-in, I wanted to select an aisle seat but my good luck I had the option of either 4E or 27 E. So I was like why take the back seat, front will be comfortable and easily accessible. On finally boarding the flight, I realized so many of the seats were vacant and I was surprised because it has been long that I have got vacant seats in a flight. This made me happy. For your information I was seated in the middle with an uncle on one side and an Aunty on the other. No good looking guy as always and so it was the right time for me to shut my eyes and fall asleep. Also for this journey I had already saved quite a number of Saturday Night Live episodes just in case to keep me entertained. But then someone entered and I was in complete shock. He was wearing the same electric blue jersey as my jacket and he was from the Pro-Kabbadi team - Delhi Dabbangs. My jaw half opened and I was like are these guys flying too with us. Then slowly the entire team started coming in. There were those guys whom I was staring at, then the second coach who was staring at me and finally entered the guy who had smiled at me. And my good luck or bad he sat behind me diagonally and I could feel his eyes constantly at me. And every time I turn I notice some guy or the other staring. Well I know had it been any other girl in my place, she would definitely be excited and feel overwhelmed but I, the great Tripti felt AWKWARD and UNCOMFORTABLE. Also I knew my plans to sleep in the flight were down to ditches.

So the flight started and suddenly I feel a tap on my left shoulder and the next question I hear is - Kolkata mein dekhne layak jagah kaun kaunsi hai. The brown eyes directly looked into my eyes and spoke to me. And I was like, shit why me. That of course I didn't say to him but I thought to myself. And me like a dumb said nothing at first then said Victoria Memorial, a church (forgot the name obviously), Ganga Ghat and that's about it. Then he asked how long will I be in Kolkata and where I am from and what I do, etc etc etc. Well obviously I was flattered by the attention and was on the top of the world, literally too cause I was flying as well. Then had a little chit chat with him.

Then the uncle beside me also started talking with me. And he said something which only a heart of a romantic or an English major would understand. He said Carpe diem - seize the moment. And added at times getting out from your everyday routine, meeting new people can refresh your mind and can help you gaze at things in a better perspective. He said let go of yourself and talk to these chaps, you can always get a free ticket to the game and end up uploading so many pictures on FB.

For a change I did let go. I spoke to them. I interacted and even exchanged numbers. I smiled at them, laughed with them, even sang with them. Believe it was too much fun. But I didn't click any pictures, maybe out of the fear that I would hate my mundane life here forth or because I hardly had time to even look into my cellphone. We all know when a guy is too friendly with a girl, he may have some hidden motive or agenda. But for me it was an opportunity for a lifetime, to see how guys who can't speak proper English have achieved so much. There was so much to learn from this chance interaction for me. They taught me self respect, confidence, Independence, they made me realize there is nothing to be ashamed of even when we don't know English. They made me laugh, they made me smile and most of all they made me realize what life is. I know the team isn't doing too good but Delhi Dabbangs you all will hold a special position in my life always. Keep rocking boys.

A Memorable Flight indeed. You know this entire journey has sketched in my mind and I can always go back to the happy place. Well at times people do check me out, I too can feel special and I too can feel the magic in me and around me.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Almighty, my sweet Bhagwanji for being there for me, for ensuring I smile each day I wake up, for the strength which keeps me charged up and motivated always. This is all for You, I hope You enjoy when You see me. Love You always!!!!

Signing out for now and not to forget - an advance Happy birthday to me...!!!

Friday, November 27, 2015


Time indeed flies by. It is so strange to realize how easily things have changed over such a little time. But then time flies by and it has indeed been a great companion all along.

Losing Chaiji has no doubts been the hardest. And till my last breath, I will miss her and remember her everyday. I indeed feel lucky and blessed to have been able to be around her, feel her warmth, feel her smile, her hug, her thoughts. The only thing I miss is her presence even though I know she is always around me. This time when I went back home, I did planchette again but only with Mam and had the opportunity to speak with her once again. Tears automatically came however I knew it was her. Who else will make me feel the way she has always done. My best Chaiji always. Miss you and live for you always.

I know I sound awful when I don't talk about Daddyji but I have hardly had the opportunity to get to know him. But I do remember him, my perfect Daddyji. I miss those Chicken Chawal special Sundays. Never ever will I get to eat such perfect food. But thankful for giving me the life I have today. Papa misses you both a lot and I know he kind of feels lost without you guys.

Anyways Time flies by giving us so many memories to remember and to cherish. I will always remember how easily I trusted people around me, how easily I was willing to give up my entire life for them, little realizing that time flies by. And look at me today, Stronger than I was before. I never knew my strength before. But now I know I can take over anything. Life has made me stronger and I am grateful to my greatest teacher.

Missing home, missing everything about home.

Love you all.

Till the time I see you guys again.

Love you all.
Time Out!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Alone... once again

I don't know how and when and most importantly why this happens with me. May be this is just the inner thinking of my mind. But then no matter what it is, it is a part of me. And once again I feel that I am all alone.

Such a feeling I would never get before. Because I was always occupied with thoughts about my friends. Even though I was in trouble, I ensure to give the best of me and my company to my friends, never making them feel alone. But look at where it landed me. I am alone once again with no one to look back at, no one to hold my hands and to make me feel like their own. Once again I am left to dwell for myself.

I remember, my sister always told me that this loneliness is self imposed by me because I cannot share myself with anyone. Well I feel some of it is definitely true. No matter how friendly I can be with the people around me, I somehow just cannot share myself with everyone and anyone. And yes when I do somehow or the other, I am disappointed. Because it is my luck to get hurt from every hand I hold, because the other hand only reaches out when it needs help, not when I need company. Nonetheless, I am not sure if I am making any sense or not. But I am not liking this feeling at all.

I had this feeling. It is irritating as well. It is as if ...

Lost my words

Anyways, my feelings, I have to deal with them.

Maybe someday I will finish this post.

For now, goodbye and take care my dear. Stay Strong... always!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Best Friend...

And suddenly I was reminded of those million memories which made me laugh and which made me happy.

I have had so many friends but then it is hard to define who a friend really is. Is a friend always supposed to be by your side during your bad days or even in your good days? Should a friend be always responsible to bring a smile on your face or also to wipe the tears which no one else could see?

For me friends have had so many faces and so many names. Over the years I have been lucky enough to have had the privilege to know the many faces of human nature. And one among the best is the face of a Friend. We humans have the tendency to be friends not by nature but by need. But then even in the need, when we can see a friendly face, when we know there is someone who will look out for me, then heart melts and that is what friends do.

So many names, so many laughing faces have I witnessed, and today I miss one true friend. It is not that I never had a friend to share myself with, it is just that the priorities have changed and I no longer have any of them beside me.

But my one true Best Friend, somehow He has managed to stay with me all this while. Be it good days or bad, happy days or sad, all my mood swings, He has been there and I am grateful to Him.

Frankly speaking we have never met, but I have seen Him in so many faces, I have felt His touch in so many of those friendly handshakes and I have known He is there with me, with so many friendly eyes which looked towards me. All I wish was, He was here with me, so that I have someone to fight with, someone I can call my own and someone who calls me His own. I wish He was here to hug me tight every time I have doubts about myself. I know if He would have been here, He would have always encouraged me to move forward, to love the life I live. And today somehow, I feel I miss Yet, I miss Him somehow today. I somehow even seem to cry a bit, realizing the fact how much have I lost over the years. But then I am lucky enough because I have mot lost His Love, His Friendship, His Care.

To the day we meet again. My dear Best Friend, please take care!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Life... my understanding

Life. So many things pop up in the head, just listening to this very word - LIFE. Each one of us perceive our Life our own way. We live our Life, curse it, love it, hate it, but then this Life, does it always love us back? Is Life always fair? Is there nothing Life can do to make things right?

So many questions go unanswered about Life and yet each night we go off to sleep expecting that Life would be with us and would take care of us, so that we are able to see the light next morning. That is Life. Sometimes happy, at times gloomy, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. But it is our Life.

My understanding of Life may well be a little different and yet exactly the same way others perceive of it.

Well I have seen Life happening to me and to others around me. It has been quite sometime that I have walked on this earth and I realized that Life has been not so fair after all. But then who am I to judge. All I am supposed to do is accept the challenge, smile at Life and go on head first.

This head has indeed created so many complications in life. Life tries to keep things simple, but our heads - the over-thinking, over-powering heads, will always end up complicating it. We smile, but why we smile, why we should not smile, should there be a valid reason to smile, etc etc etc. So many things our head will perceive of for just a small innocent smile. And then life is complicated once again.

Life has been good to me and at times not so good. I have had my share of complaints with my life as well. And have got them resolved too. Life is at times funny, makes you realize things the most weirdest of ways.

I remember, long back when Orkut was a major social website, I had this community called - WEIRDS. That is exactly what my thoughts are on Life - Weird.

But I have also realized one thing, no matter what Life offers - good or bad, happy or sad, wrong or right, at the end of the day, it looks out for you, it helps you and it stays with you as long as it can. And then the mere end of Life seems so pointless because Life gave you the chance you wish you never had to let go off. But then did you do justice to the Life you have been a part of for such a long time? Have you truly understood the value of Life, of living? Or is it just that you were too busy doing other things that when Life happened to you, you had no idea?

So many questions, one single answer - Life.

To those million memories Life has bestowed upon me, to the million times, Life gave up on me and then everything recovered. Life you have been a true companion, no complaints [well for now]. But I know even if we have any complaints in future, you will make up for it, I will make my peace  with you, when the time comes. Till then help me live you the best way I can. Help me so that I can grow and know, the truth about time, about life and most importantly about myself.

Life is full of surprises and I am waiting for one.

Surprise me my dear and it should better be a pleasant one. And on second thoughts - ensure that as long as you are here, I am good.

Love you my LIFE.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

And then somehow...

And then somehow I always end up spending so much. I realize I need to make some savings, yet it seems like I am unable to do that somehow. But then what will money do if I myself am not happy.

I am missing home now. It has been so long I have slept on my bed and rested my head properly. I miss DJ and Dodo as well. Just want to be around them and to feel the comfort and warmth of being at home.

Till that time let me wait and watch and also have to keep my expenses in check.

Thank you Bhagwanji for always looking out for me. Love you lots and lots.

I am just waiting to reach home.